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Brooke Sutherland

Trump’s Brand Advice Won’t Solve Boeing’s Woes

What the jet maker likely really needs is a true successor to the 737 Max.

What does he know (but he did become president!). 

What does he know (but he did become president!). 

Photographer: Sean Rayford/Getty Images North America

If only Boeing Co.’s 737 Max woes were as simple as a branding issue.

The plane – an updated version of the 737 workhorse that’s been around for decades – fatally crashed twice in just five months and has been grounded across the globe pending a fix to a software system that was a factor in both accidents. President Donald Trump weighed in on the crisis in March, saying on Twitter that airplanes were becoming too complex and he didn’t “want Albert Einstein to be my pilot.” That reportedly prompted a personal phone call from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, who made the case for the plane’s airworthiness to Trump. Still, the following day, the Federal Aviation Administration announced it would finally join its regulatory brethren in grounding the Max. On Monday, Trump was back with some new advice for Boeing: