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Jonathan Bernstein

For Biden, a One-Term Pledge Is a Sure Loser

The gimmick tells voters that he would be an ineffective, lame-duck president. 

Home field advantage.

Home field advantage.

Photographer: Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It looks like Joe Biden is looking at every possible gimmick for his presidential run. First there were reports that he’s considering naming a running mate early in the process, which is bad enough. Now it seems he could be pondering a pledge to serve only one term. If he does that, he’s really disqualifying himself as a serious candidate.

This is such a bad idea that, while some people around him may be pushing it, Biden himself “is uneasy with the prospect of pledging up front not to seek re-election, believing that it would make him a lame-duck president before he even takes office and cripple his ability to get anything done.”