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Leonid Bershidsky

In Germany, the Green New Deal Actually Works

Don’t use one of the world’s most competitive economies as an argument against it.

Wind turbines operate at a wind farm in Bedburg, Germany.
Wind turbines operate at a wind farm in Bedburg, Germany.Photographer: Martin Leissl/Bloomberg

Opponents of the U.S. congressional Democrats’ Green New Deal point to Germany as an example of a country where similar policies have backfired. They should take a closer look; the U.S. could do well to imitate Europe’s largest economy.

Here’s how the case against Germany goes: Despite a sustained effort to boost sustainable sources of energy, carbon emissions haven’t fallen in recent years because the country hasn’t been able to kick its coal dependence. At the same time, renewables subsidies have helped to drive up energy bills to make them the highest in Europe, hurting business competitiveness and consumers.