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Hal Brands

A Democratic House Can Rein In Trump’s Foreign Policy

Yes, it’s only half of one branch, but they could do enough to put U.S. allies at ease. 

They guy on the right escaped just in time.

They guy on the right escaped just in time.

Photographer: Astrid Riecken/Getty Images

Foreign policy issues rarely decide America’s midterm elections, but every midterm election has implications for American foreign policy.

Tuesday’s midterms were watched closely by observers around the world, because in the age of Donald Trump the global stakes of America’s political choices have never seemed higher. The result — Democrats won a majority in the House while the Republicans held their majority in the Senate — will not fundamentally change how the U.S approaches the world under President Trump. But it will empower the Democrats in several areas, and it will reassure — at least temporarily — foreign observers who are desperately trying to divine where U.S. foreign policy is headed.