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Jonathan Bernstein

GOP’s Loyalty Now Is No Proof of Loyalty Later

Ask Richard Nixon. Plus, Jonathan Bernstein’s morning links.

President Trump Meets With Republican Lawmakers As Travel Ban Upheld By Supreme Court

Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg

With President Donald Trump seemingly incapable of going a week without adding fuel to the potential impeachment fire, it was nice to see the reminder from Michael Conway and Jon Marshall that people’s memories of bipartisan cooperation during the Watergate scandal are mostly wrong.

In fact, as they write, Republicans tried hard to defend their president, even if it required them to constantly revise their public positions as one by one the most outlandish accusations against Richard Nixon and his White House and campaign operatives turned out to be absolutely true. Most moderate and liberal Republicans and most conservative Democrats in Congress — those creatures still existed in the 1970s — opposed impeachment well into 1974. Conservative Republicans in Congress opposed impeachment all the way through the House Judiciary Committee votes in July.