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Matt Levine

Apple Added Another Digit

Also CBS, Bitcoin futures and disclosure.

You know what’s cool? A trillion dollars.

I don’t have anything interesting to say about the fact that Apple Inc.’s equity market capitalization reached a trillion dollars yesterday, but both Bloomberg and the New York Times have interactive online features about what numbers you could add to get to a trillion, and Bloomberg’s even includes some numbers you could multiply or subtract to get to a trillion, so perhaps I should list some numbers you could divide to get a trillion? Like, if you had a mole of  dollars, and you divided those dollars evenly among all of the stars in our galaxy, each star would have about as many dollars as Apple’s market cap. Or if you expressed Warren Buffett’s net worth in Mexican pesos, that would be approximately Apple’s market cap expressed in pounds sterling. Or if you had a googol of dollars and you divided them by the number of atoms in the universe, you’d have about enough dollars to give an Apple market cap to each person on earth. And then we’d all be rich.