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Jonathan Bernstein

Tuesday’s Primaries Belong to the Women

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Paulette Jordan gets the Democratic nod for governor in Idaho.

Paulette Jordan gets the Democratic nod for governor in Idaho.

Photographer: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Four more states held primary elections Tuesday. The patterns we’ve seen so far are mostly holding: Democratic voters seem eager to vote for women; the flood of candidates has turned out to be less of a problem than I thought it might be; and while many liberal candidates are winning, for the most part we’re not seeing any kind of massive swing to the far left.

On the first point, a couple of surprises came in late Tuesday night. In Idaho, Paulette Jordan won the Democratic gubernatorial primary and will attempt (against the odds in Republican Idaho) to become the first American Indian governor. Meanwhile, in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, Kara Eastman appears to have narrowly defeated former member of the House Brad Ashford. Ashford was the more moderate of the two, and presumably his experience and name recognition would have helped, but he came up short. In both of these cases, women who were also more liberal won, although the women who were nominated in Pennsylvania were more of a mixed group.