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Joe Nocera

Trump Wins While Losing in Florida Golf Club Dispute

Why would a billionaire stoop to this?


Photographer: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

It's a time-honored tradition: When you've got bad news to release, you put it out late on Friday, hoping no one will notice. Thus it was that at 6:27 p.m. last Friday,  a short Bloomberg News dispatch disclosed that President Donald Trump's golf club in Jupiter, Florida, had agreed to pay 65 former members $5.45 million to settle their legal claim that Trump tried to cheat them out of refundable deposits they were owed when he took over the club in 2012.

The news didn't get a whole lot of pickup — that's the point of a Friday night release! — but I think it's worth lingering over a bit before we move on to whatever bigger, badder Trump news tomorrow hands us. It is a useful reminder of how Trump did business, and of how this is reflected in his presidency.