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Kara Alaimo

How to Wage Twitter War for Fun and Profit

Needling the competition can be a good way to build your brand's exposure. Just don't be a jerk about it.
Who knew a museum could have so much sass?

Who knew a museum could have so much sass?

Photographer: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Last week, two of the U.K.’s most venerated museums went to war on Twitter.

It began during #AskACurator Day on Sept. 13, when experts from more than 1,500 museums around the world took to Twitter to answer questions. One user, a self-described “part-time silly sausage” named @Bednarz, started the fracas by asking, “Who would win in a staff battle between @sciencemuseum and @NHM_London, [and] what exhibits/items would help you be victorious?”