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Justin Fox, Conor Sen, and Noah Smith

Millennials Are Driving the Suburban Resurgence

More young adults are moving to the land of white picket fences. Is it by choice, or necessity?
Welcome home.

Welcome home.

Photographer: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After years of excited talk about the comeback of America’s cities, evidence has been piling up in recent months that the suburbs are doing much better, with even those quirky-but-ubiquitous millennials now moving there in large numbers and buying SUVs. Bloomberg View columnists Justin Fox, Conor Sen and Noah Smith gathered online to discuss what’s going on.

Fox: As a child of a car-dependent suburb in 1960s/1970s California who has spent almost his entire adult life living in places where one can walk to the store, I was a big believer in the whole urban comeback narrative. I’m still sort of a believer, but it’s clear there were at least two things wrong with it: