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Megan McArdle

What Texans Are Telling Their Congressman

Are voters fixated on Trump? Health care? North Korea? Nope. Think again.
Representative Will Hurd is no stranger in his district.

Representative Will Hurd is no stranger in his district.

Photographer: Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images

If for some unfathomable reason you are planning to follow a congressman through a baking-hot Texas summer, I recommend you choose Will Hurd. He’s personable, mild-mannered, and clearly in command of the issues. Also, he holds many of his town halls in Dairy Queens, so you can cool off with a Blizzard while you wait for the event to start.

Those were not my reasons for visiting Hurd’s district. I went to see Hurd because he’s in the only competitive district in Texas. Running along the southwestern edge of the state, the Texas 23rd has 820 miles of border and a majority-Hispanic population. Hillary Clinton carried it by 3.4 percentage points. Hurd, a Republican, carried it by 1.3 points.