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Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

The Predictable Winners of Macron's Presidency

Emmanuel Macron's instinct is to pursue policies that benefit France's elite "enarques."
From here to anywhere.

From here to anywhere.

Photographer: Patrick Hertzog/AFP/Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron has promised a dramatic departure from the recent past. France's youngest leader since Napoleon has brought in on his coat-tails a new generation of fresh-faced young leaders, many of whom have never held political office before. And in his debut speech to both houses of France's parliament, Macron reiterated his call for a new order -- a "veritable revolution," as he called it, to re-energize French politics.

But while the new faces and reforming ambitions are a welcome change in France, it's worth asking whether the move will empower new thinking. A closer look suggests that the most immediate beneficiaries of Macron's policies will be a more seasoned group: France's "enarques," or graduates of the famous Ecole Nationale d'Administration, its finishing school for civil servants.