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Justin Fox

Some States Are Hogging All the Information

Newspaper work has long been disappearing everywhere. But new-media jobs are only being created in a few places.
Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time ...

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I'm just back from a few days in lovely if perhaps overly restaurant-obsessed Portland, Maine. My abode while there was a new boutique hotel built in the former home of the local newspaper, the Portland Press Herald. It's called the Press Hotel, and its owner has gone all in with the news theme. There are old typewriters everywhere, the color scheme is dominated by newspaper blacks and whites, and:

The hotel's meeting rooms are named the Composing Room, the Editorial Room, the Press Room and the News Room. I wrote much of Thursday's column (it's about Maine lobsters) in the News Room. When the hotel's head of sales and marketing stopped by to tell me I had to vacate the room soon because somebody had booked it for a meeting, he seemed charmed to learn that actual journalism was being committed in the News Room.