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Tyler Cowen and Noah Smith

How to Shake Up the Complacent Class: A Debate

Ease up on regulation. Make it easier to move. Build a better Internet. Don't shred the social safety net.
Get up!
Photographer: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Bloomberg View columnists Tyler Cowen and Noah Smith aired some differing perspectives last week on Cowen’s new book, “The Complacent Class,” which argues that the U.S. has lost dynamism as Americans embrace a comfortable status quo. Here, they discuss some possible solutions.

Noah Smith: Last time we discussed “The Complacent Class,” we talked about whether “complacency” is the right way to describe whatever’s causing a drift toward segregation, inequality and stagnation. Let’s suppose it is. The next big question becomes: What do we do about it? And should we do anything?