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Mark Gilbert

Trump's Fed Can Start a Central Bank Revolution

It's time business executives were given a say in monetary policy.
Talkin' about a revolution.

Talkin' about a revolution.

Photographer: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump will select three members of the Federal Reserve board during his term in office, including a replacement chair for Janet Yellen when her appointment expires early next year. He should seize the chance to refresh the Fed with faces from the business community, adding executives to the roster of PhD economists who currently run monetary policy in most of the world.

The Fed appointments come at a key juncture in U.S. economic policy, one that makes business knowhow an even more valuable commodity for a rate-setter than usual. Trump's fiscal policies will set a new backdrop for the monetary policy environment, given his intention to cut personal and business tax rates and boost investment in the nation's infrastructure.