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Megan McArdle

Hey Hollywood, Smugness Isn't a Political Strategy

Actors know how to appeal to movie audiences. Skeptical political audiences? They don't even try.
Preaching to the converted.

Preaching to the converted.

Photographer: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ah, Hollywood awards season. It must be time for celebrities to don gorgeous clothes, have each individual hair arranged by some stylist who charges by the femtosecond, and get up on stage to advocate for some political cause — and for the rest of us to spend days arguing about what they said.

This election cycle has been unusually vicious and angry, and therefore, of course, the controversy is as well. Meryl Streep has delivered a rebuke to Donald Trump, and now social media is convulsed by debate over a blandly unobjectionable point: Trump was wrong to make fun of a disabled reporter’s handicap.