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Leonid Bershidsky

Putin Fans the Flames in Ukraine Once Again

Russian claims that Ukraine planned terror attacks in Crimea are a warning to Kiev's Western allies.
Just for show?

Just for show?

Photographer: Alexei PavlishakTASS via Getty Images

This is a perfect moment for the crisis in Ukraine to heat up, and worrying developments are afoot, prompting fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be planning an invasion or some other kind of hostile action against Kiev after all.

On Wednesday, Russia's secret police, the FSB, said it had prevented a series of terror attacks in Crimea and that one of its operatives and a Russian soldier were killed in several shootouts with what the FSB says were agents of the Ukrainian defense ministry's intelligence directorate. The FSB didn't elaborate on the foiled attacks, but said it had seized a cache of weapons and explosives and arrested a Ukrainian military intelligence operative named Yevgeny Panov.