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Eli Lake

Why #NeverTrump Conservatives Are Also #NeverGaryJohnson

This should be the Year of the Libertarian, but Republicans aren't very tempted.
This is not the droid Republicans are looking for.
Photographer: George Frey/Getty Images

This should be a great moment for libertarians, the GOP's quirky little cousin. After all, the Republican Party went off the rails and nominated a protectionist demagogue who can't stay out of trouble. Only a handful of Republicans are likely to defect and vote for Hillary Clinton. So many conservatives are looking for alternatives.

You may have heard of these lost souls in the last few months, huddled together under the #NeverTrump umbrella. At first they wanted Mitt Romney to run as the true conservative, but that didn't go anywhere. A few had hoped freshman senator Ben Sasse would take up the cause. That didn't go anywhere either. Now the Never Trumpers are supporting a senior House staffer to carry their banner in November. This campaign is being waged after they tried and failed to enlist David French, a National Review writer and reservist military officer.