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Megan McArdle

'Game of Thrones' Is Showing Symptoms of Michael Bay-itis

Directors give us visual thrills for 15 minutes, but gaping plot holes leave us perplexed for weeks.
Deus ex ... what the heck?

Deus ex ... what the heck?

Source: HBO

All right, “Game of Thrones” watchers: I’m about to start spoiling stuff. I know there was some sort of sports event Sunday night in which many of you were, inexplicably, even more keenly interested than the epic faceoff between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. I’m not impugning your choices, because I’m a libertarian and because “men tossing ball to each other” is not objectively inferior to “men hacking each other to pieces with swords.”

However. Those of us who did watch the bloodsport have some talking to do, so I suggest you bookmark this column and come back to it after you’ve watched Sunday night’s episode. Which you should do right now. The rest of us are about to get down to some brass tacks.