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Warren Buffett: Brilliant Investor, Lousy Nutritionist

Sodas make him happy, but they push obesity rates sky-high.
Liquid candy.

Liquid candy.

Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

At his annual meeting last weekend, Warren Buffett defended his daily intake of Cherry Coke (700 calories) with the sort of folksy logic that has made him so appealing. "I like fudge a lot, too, and peanut brittle," he explained. "I am a very happy guy. If you were happy every day -- and it may be hard to measure -- you are going to live longer as well, so that may be a compensating factor."

Buffett is of course correct that there is no reliable metric for happiness (though that hasn't stopped people from trying, on a personal and national scale). There are, by contrast, many ways to measure the effect of soda on human health. To summarize: It is bad.