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Jonathan Bernstein

Rubio Crashes and Cruz Surges. Trump? We'll See.

Saturday's results shows that Trump doesn't get stronger as his rivals drop out.
Something was the matter with Kansas.

Something was the matter with Kansas.

Photographer: J Pat Carter/Getty Images

With four more states heard from in the Republican presidential nomination fight, we moved closer to a one-on-one contest between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Maybe. This race has flipped every which way and back many times already, so who knows if what appears to be true today will remain true down the road, or even tomorrow.

The biggest news on Saturday night was that Cruz, who won in Kansas and Maine and finished second to Trump in Louisiana and Kentucky, crushed Marco Rubio everywhere. We had little polling going in and no exit polls, but it appears that Cruz surged and Rubio collapsed perhaps just over the last few days in those states.