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Jonathan Bernstein

Trump and Sanders Won New Hampshire, Not the White House

The pollsters got it right. If they're right about the next states, these outsiders' leads won't last.
What a party.

What a party.

Photographer: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

The pollsters got it right for a change. Donald Trump, the Republican outsider, won solidly in New Hampshire over a divided field, while Bernie Sanders, the Democratic insurgent, won in a landslide over Hillary Clinton.

Sanders needed to win big if he had any chance at all of winning his party's nomination because New Hampshire played to all of his strengths. He is a senator from the state next door. He did well among independents, who are allowed to vote in party primaries in New Hampshire. In many other states, the party primaries are open only to registered Democrats or Republicans, and that is expected to benefit Clinton. Also, New Hampshire is largely white, so her strength with minority voters was not a factor.