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Margaret Carlson

The Governors Break Out

An unspoken pact to take down Marco Rubio pays off.
Two of the three amigos.

Two of the three amigos.

Photographer: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

No debate so far has reshaped the election like the one in New Hampshire on Saturday night. And nothing the rest of the night equaled the first 10 minutes.

Chris Christie made a full-frontal attack on Marco Rubio. The New Jersey governor had been needling the freshman senator from Florida, ridiculing him as a fourth-grader looking for his new desk on the Senate floor and calling him the “boy in the bubble.” No one would have been surprised had Christie gone too far, but he didn’t. Governors do things, senators talk about doing things at hearings and occasionally vote on them. Although Rubio, as Christie pointed out, hasn’t even done much voting.