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Pankaj Mishra

Revolt Against the Posh Boys

Figures on both sides of the spectrum are exploiting distress caused by uneven growth and political dysfunction.
We're entering a perilous new era in politics.

We're entering a perilous new era in politics.

Photographer: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Google, according to Rupert Murdoch, has overawed the "posh boys in Downing Street" and elsewhere. The News Corp. chairman was responding last week to news that the U.S.-based Internet giant would pay Britain the measly sum of $185 million in underpaid taxes. Murdoch continued, "Google has cleverly planted dozens of their people in White House, Downing St, other governments. Most brilliant new lobbying effort yet."

While Murdoch sounded like Noam Chomsky, Donald Trump's recent screeds against hedge fund managers have seemed to invoke his inner Bernie Sanders. Multibillionaires are just the latest individuals to add their voices to a worldwide chorus condemning hyper-connected posh boys. They confirm that the hoary distinction between the left and the right needs to be updated.