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Barry Ritholtz

Keep an Eye on 'Billions' as a Market Indicator

We'll soon know if it's a contrary signal for stocks.
Bored and overconfident.

Bored and overconfident.

Photographer: Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

I have a peculiar love for contrary indicators -- the weirder, the better. I find magazine-cover indicators, page-view numbers, $100 million food trucks and other oddities strangely compelling. (Here are 169 various discussions on the subject.)

But this is more than mere fetish: Back in 2003, we took a deep-dive look at 20 contrary indicators that suggested markets were reaching a bottom after the dot-com collapse. That turned out to be a timely analysis. Active traders should have more than a passing familiarity with this, since these indicators can at times be clues as to an imminent market reversal.