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Megan McArdle

Academics Are So Lefty They Don't Even See It

That's a problem. Not just for conservative Christian applicants to grad school.
"Graduates of Christian schools need not apply"?

"Graduates of Christian schools need not apply"?

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Consider this recent account of a graduate admissions committee meeting. An applicant to a linguistics Ph.D. program is a matriculating senior at a small historically black college unknown to some committee members. “Left-wing black nationalists,” one committee member said of the college, while another said, to much laughter, that the college was “the academic arm of Black Lives Matter.”

The committee then spent more time discussing details of the applicant's GRE scores and background -- high GRE scores, high-poverty urban school district -- than it did with some other candidates. The chair of the committee said, “I would like to beat that college out of her,” and asked, to laughter from committee members, “You don't think she's a nutcase?”