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Mark Gilbert

Fed and Greece Could Defy the 2016 Bears

Look for Janet Yellen and Alexis Tsipras to rock in the new year.
Who lives here: Goldilocks, or the Three Bears?

Who lives here: Goldilocks, or the Three Bears?

Photographer: Andrew Harrer

One of the pitfalls of market-watching, whether for professional strategists or journalistic scribblers, is a tendency to accentuate the negative. (I'm ignoring sell-side equity analysts, whose preordained bullishness is largely indifferent to the economic backdrop.) Gloom, doom and misfortune are more interesting than cheerful optimism. And I'm as guilty as the next financial soothsayer.

But it's often a good idea to try to take an opposing view, no matter how compelling the evidence for pessimism is (here's an excellent roundup of worries from Dave Collum, who combines a passion for markets with his day job as professor of organic chemistry at Cornell University). So here are my two outside bets on what could go right on the biggest financial issues that we're carrying into 2016: