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Megan McArdle

Trump Disproves Liberal and Conservative Myths

Left fears campaign cash, but Trump's faring fine without much. Right fears media's influence, but there's clearly no cabal.
Media and Trump: Who's using whom?

Media and Trump: Who's using whom?

Photographer: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tuesday night’s Republican debate was the first one from which no clear winner emerged in the media post-game. To be clear, pundits are often incorrect about who is going to benefit in the polls. But last night few people even ventured an opinion.

My opinion is that the only clear winner was moderator Hugh Hewitt, who stared down Trump with icy disdain when the front-runner tried to use his normal schoolyard bullying tactics. The utter failure of his only debating technique rattled the man so badly that he turned around and lashed out at Jeb Bush; poor debate skills and weak poll numbers made him an easy target.