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Paula Dwyer

Republicans' Misguided China-Bashing

To the presidential candidates, a weak China is as scary as a strong one.
Maybe we'll have burgers when you visit Washington.

Maybe we'll have burgers when you visit Washington.

Photographer: Feng Li/Getty Images

Here's how some Republican presidential candidates think President Barack Obama should deal with the president of China, Xi Jinping. Scott Walker says the White House should cancel next month's state visit to the U.S., Xi's first. Marco Rubio advises letting Xi come for low-key working meetings, but not a state visit. Donald Trump wants Obama to take Xi to McDonald's instead of feting him at a lavish official feast. 

Provoked by the week's China-themed market turmoil, Republicans have been trying to one-up each other with yet-more-aggressive approaches to China. They seem to agree on at least one thing: China-bashing is a vote-getter.