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Adam Minter

An App for Reviving China's Stock Market

Can small investors chat their way to wealth?
Chatting their way to wealth.

Chatting their way to wealth.

Photographer: ChinaFotoPress

A Chinese social media company is trying to succeed, where government policy has so far failed, at reviving the country's stock market. Last week, WeChat, China’s most popular social networking app, announced it would soon unveil a stock trading platform, giving its 549 million active users the chance to easily toggle between sending emojis and sell orders.

Nearly one-third of China's small investors have bailed on the stock market during the downturn. If the WeChat platform lures them back, it could give the market a short term boost. But the combination of social media and stock investing probably won't bode well for China in the long term; it's likely to worsen the emotional volatility of an already volatile market.