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Singapore at 50 Needs to Relax a Little

Its government would benefit from a bit more dissent.
All together now.

All together now.

Photographer: Bryan van der Beek/Getty Images

Singapore is throwing itself a grand 50th-anniversary party this weekend, and it has plenty to celebrate. Its income per capita has grown from roughly $540 in 1965 to more than $55,000 in 2014. That's about the same as the U.S. and on par with the richest countries in Europe. If ever there was an economic miracle, Singapore is it.

Led by the visionary Lee Kuan Yew, the founders of the newly independent city-state had to make a country out of virtually nothing. That was difficult, all right, but the challenge for their successors may be almost as hard -- to take that miracle and recast it for the next half-century.