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A Way Out of the Calais Jungle

Migrants deserve better than disdain or indifference.
There's only so much police can do.

There's only so much police can do.

Photographer: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

European leaders tend to have one of two responses to undocumented migrants: disdain or indifference. Neither attitude is helpful, as the grim crisis on the French side of the Chunnel makes clear, and both are unrealistic. Europe can do better.

As long as war, famine and corruption exist, people will try to escape them. For many of the Sudanese, Afghans, Syrians and others gathered in the Calais "jungle," even the most heavy-handed French gendarme is preferable to the (often torturous) official treatment they would face at home. Occasionally, a single instance of suffering will spotlight the common plight, as happened Wednesday when a young Sudanese migrant was crushed and killed by a truck.