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Justin Fox

Tech Will Transform the Job Market. Someday.

For now, most workers still have jobs, not online, on-demand gigs.
Making a delivery: Is it a job or a gig?

Making a delivery: Is it a job or a gig?

Photographer: Essdras M Suarez/Boston Globe/Getty Image

The world of work is being transformed by digital technology. Jobs are out. Gigs are in. Everybody knows that. Except for, you know, most of the American labor force.

That’s one conclusion you could draw from the McKinsey Global Institute’s new report on “connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age.” It isn't the conclusion you’re supposed to take away -- the intended big news from the report is the estimate that so-called online talent platforms will create the equivalent of 72 million full-time jobs and boost global gross domestic product by $2.7 trillion a year a decade from now. The projected gains are so big in part because not all that much has happened yet. “We think there’s clear evidence that these platforms are only now hitting critical scale,” said Susan Lund, one of the report’s authors, when I asked her about it Wednesday.