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Matt Levine

Banks Will Keep Doing FX Stuff That Got Them in Trouble

But they will "ensure that there are no ambiguities or misunderstandings regarding those practices."

I mentioned yesterday that, as a condition of their probation, all the banks that pled guilty to a conspiracy to rig foreign-exchange rates have to send sad little "Disclosure Notices" to their clients. Here, for instance, is JPMorgan's disclosure notice, which on a cursory glance seems to be identical to the one attached to its plea agreement. It's an interesting little document. There's an introductory paragraph, and then a paragraph of contrite moaning that "conduct by certain individuals has fallen short of the Firm's expectations," specifically by being a massive antitrust conspiracy.

Then there are three bullet points describing other naughtiness that does not rise to the level of antitrust conspiracy. Those bullet points begin: