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Marc Champion

Bush's Iran Plan Is Worse Than Obama's

George W. Bush had a few words for the president. His own record was worse.
Iranians want to keep their nuclear program.

Iranians want to keep their nuclear program.

Photographer: Chavosh Homavandi/AFP/Getty Images

Josh Rogin's astonishing article revealing what George W. Bush had to say about his successor's foreign policy raises so many questions, it's hard to know which one to ask first. What's the best way to respond to the man who invaded Iraq and forgot to think "what next?" when he tells President Barack Obama that, before using force, “you call in your military and say, ‘What’s your plan?’”

In any case, that's a debate for the past. What Bush said that's relevant for the future concerns Iran. Like Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, two former U.S. officials with rather better foreign policy records than his, Bush thinks the deal Obama is looking to strike is a disaster in the making.