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Megan McArdle

Hillary Clinton's Late Start Won't Stop the Punches

Will Hillary Clinton's early lead turn out to be a disadvantage, not just because the candidates will be focused on her, but because the public will be, too?
No rush. OK, maybe a little.

No rush. OK, maybe a little.

Photographer: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

So Hillary Clinton is thinking about delaying the start of her presidential campaign until the summer, according to Politico's Mike Allen. As a strategic move, this makes sense to me: Why spend money and time getting a head start in a race where she has no credible opponent? All this could possibly do is give her time to make gaffes and give her opponents insights they could use to get a jump on their campaigns against her.

Of course, they'll be doing that anyway. All across the land, there are nameless moles digging through Clinton's every utterance ... every Gawker post, every speech video and high school term paper. And at every campaign office, people are even now mapping out the strategies that our presidential hopefuls will use to run against her.