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Eli Lake

Kurds Get Closer to a State of Their Own

For six years Obama kept the Kurds at arm's length. Then came Islamic State.
Not a national flag. Yet.

Not a national flag. Yet.

Photographer: Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images

With Cuba and North Korea dominating the headlines, Americans may have missed the good news from a corner of the world that has provided very little: Iraq. Kurdish peshmerga fighters have inflicted a series of defeats on Islamic State forces, freeing a broad swath of northern Iraq from the jihadists' control. 

These battlefield victories underline an equally striking change in U.S. policy: Starting in 2015, the U.S. military will be training three brigades of peshmerga and spending more than $350 million equipping them for battle with the fanatics tearing Iraq apart. While the Kurds have been semi-independent since 1991, with their own government, militias and foreign policy, this is the biggest step yet toward Washington allowing them to have a state of their own.