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Francis Wilkinson

Marco Rubio, 2016's Young Fogey

It was Rubio the Bummer who this week mounted the barricades to demand the continued isolation of Cuba.
He looks younger than he acts.

He looks younger than he acts.

Photographer: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Senator Marco Rubio's autobiography, "An American Son," begins on Nov. 2, 2010 -- election night. The young state legislator had just won a resounding victory over a Democratic rival and a sitting Republican governor (who ran as an Independent), to be elected the junior senator from Florida. With a phalanx of reporters covering his hour of triumph, and a roomful of supporters cheering him on, Rubio, then only 39, delivered his victory speech, bringing his grinding, two-year, upstart campaign to a glorious conclusion.

As an avalanche of confetti poured over the room, marking his moment. Rubio took it all in. "It's funny how the mind works," he wrote. "All I could think of was how long it would take to clean it all up."