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Marc Champion

Turkey Joins the Big Palace Club

Turkey's new presidential palace puts Erdogan in an elite club of gigantism. Its past members are a mixed bunch.
Ankara's presidential palace is bigger than... 
Ankara's presidential palace is bigger than... 

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should go down in history as "the Builder" -- though that won't necessarily be a compliment.

Erdogan loves construction projects -- from a planned airport that would be the biggest in Europe, to a shipping canal to rival Panama's. This building frenzy has helped Turkey's economy, but it also got Erdogan in trouble last year, triggering riots. Now he has completed a presidential palace that is four times as big as Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles, at a cost of $615 million. It displaces the Sultan of Brunei's residence as the biggest in the world.