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Matt Levine

Levine on Wall Street: Cuddly Cheetahs and Telling Typos

Be careful of lava lamps. Proofread fake documents that you submit to the SEC. Don't have been short Treasuries this week. And, sure, teamwork, that can't hurt.

Have some Bart Chilton.

Sheelah Kolhatkar interviewed Bart Chilton to see if he feels weird about leaving the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to become an adviser/lobbyist for the high-frequency trading firms that he famously described as "cheetahs," and not in an obviously good way. The answer seems to be "no, with undertones of yes," but never mind that, it's Bart Chilton, who at the CFTC "demonstrated an intuitive sense for personal branding, sporting cowboy boots, flashy suits, and shirts with monogrammed cuffs." So this passage, for instance, isn't about Chilton's conflicted feelings about HFT; it's about the lava lamp: