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Leonid Bershidsky

Your Kid Thinks Apple Watches are #Borrring

Today's 16-year-olds love Apple but are not interested in the Apple Watch, and they'rte leaving Facebook in droves to sign up for Instagram. Tech companies have to prepare for a big shift in demand.
Cute, but who wants one?
Cute, but who wants one?

Teenagers are looking forward to the Apple Watch about as much as they wanted a U2 album forcibly included in their music libraries. They are also dropping off Facebook at an alarming rate. The findings by investment bank Piper Jaffray is a gentle reminder that many of today's digital business models will stop working when Generation Z comes into its own.

Piper Jaffray conducts its Taking Stock with Teens surveys semiannually. The Fall 2014 one, based on the responses of 7,200 U.S. teens, average age 16. These teens love Apple: 67 percent of them own an iPhone compared with 61 percent in the spring wave, and 73 percent expect their next phone to be an iPhone. Among tablet owners, 66 percent have an iPad. Android is losing popularity: only 19 percent want their next phone to run it, down from 24 percent in April.