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Jonathan Bernstein

Read Stuff, You Should: Bipartisanship Pipe Dreams

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Sigourney Weaver, 65. Underappreciated, I think.

So. at least from what I see on Twitter, the dominant reaction to the Giants beating the Nats in the NLDS is that it was all a matter of a couple of (yes, very) questionable bullpen choices by Matt Williams last night. I'll point out the following: the Nats bullpen gave up one - one! - run last night, in four innings. They gave up a total of five runs in 19 innings in the series, and that's counting the ninth-inning run in game two as a bullpen run. Did Williams make a bad choice? Probably. Was it decisive, and the story of the series? No. This series was all about abysmal hitting by the Nats (or, if you prefer, excellent Giants pitching). Hard to pin that on the manager. Or on the good stuff: