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William Pesek

It's Deal Time in Hong Kong

Student protesters in Hong Kong need to plot an endgame, and settle for certain concessions -- before they begin irritating average Hongkongers. 
Fold the umbrella for now.
Fold the umbrella for now.

We are all Hongkongers today. And in the weeks and months ahead, many of us will continue to support the protesters' brave stand against a repressive Chinese regime. Nevertheless, it's time for them to face reality and plot an endgame.

Eleven days into the Umbrella Revolution, it's clear Beijing won't back down. President Xi Jinping won't accede to the movement's universal suffrage proposal or sacrifice Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to ease tensions. Nor is Xi risking another Tiananmen Square. Ugly headlines generated by police tear-gassing peaceful protesters on Sept. 28 prompted an about-face in Beijing. Xi's party now aims to wait out the protesters and let public opinion do its dirty work.