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How to Contain Putin

 The West ignores Russian President Vladimir Putin's provocations at its peril.
Defensive measures.
Defensive measures.

Over the past few weeks, with the world distracted by coalition airstrikes in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been busy. Europe and the U.S. needn't respond to his every provocation, but they should understand that this challenge is here to stay.

Since Sept. 19, British jets have had to scramble to deflect a Russian long-range bomber encroaching on U.K. airspace. Russia's military has conducted a massive exercise in the Far East that involved 155,000 troops and more than 600 aircraft. And the Russian navy has announced it will at least double the size of the aging Black Sea Fleet by 2020, with 80 new ships. Oh, and Putin sent letters to leaders in Kiev and Brussels, demanding they gut their deal promoting more trade between Ukraine and the European Union.