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Daniel Gordis

Gaza War's Clear Loser: Netanyahu

 It’s Morning After in Israel, and a country that is usually politically divided is suddenly in agreement: “This did not go well, at all.”
relates to Gaza War's Clear Loser: Netanyahu

Back in 2009, two elections ago, Israel was festooned with banners that read "A Strong Leader for a Strong Nation." They were Benjamin Netanyahu's banners, which, even if he had them in stock today, he would not dare use them.

We have reached the the Morning After, and this is an unhappy, dissatisfied, wounded and worried country. Israel is not feeling strong. And Israelis know that in this neighborhood, if you are not strong or do not appear strong, you simply cannot survive. Makor Rishon, a center-right daily, ran a front page article this morning quoting Iranian officials as saying that these are Israel's final years.