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Ferguson Shows How Not to Police

The police in Ferguson, Missouri, need to improve their lines of communication -- with protesters and the outside world. 
Who killed Michael Brown?
Who killed Michael Brown?

With each passing day, the police in Ferguson, Missouri, look more like the gang that couldn't shoot straight -- except, perhaps, when aiming at an unarmed black teenager. The details of the confrontation that prompted that shooting remain unknown, but the inept response to it has been plain for all the world to see.

Yesterday, the Ferguson police chief backtracked on the commitment he had made to release the name of the officer who on Saturday shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who apparently refused the officer's order to move from the middle of the street. The chief cited death threats made against the officer and the department. Those threats, while despicable, were predictable. The chief's about-face only fuels the belief -- prevalent among protesters in Ferguson, and widespread among blacks elsewhere -- that the police cannot be trusted.