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Barry Ritholtz

Are You Ready to Be a Muppet?

Why would a small investor be interested in any of the vehicles that offer "hedge-fund-like" investments? These tend to underperform real hedge funds, which tend to underperform the broader market.
Have I got an investment for you.
Have I got an investment for you.

Slipping back into my regular routine is sometimes a challenge after a few days of traveling. The first day back in the markets -- especially following a week like we had to end July and begin August -- can be a bit of an adjustment.

A few days away allows the accumulation of jaded skepticism to wane a bit. Hence, the surprise that registered this morning when I read a Wall Street Journal article on "How Individual Investors Can Invest Like a Hedge Fund." The article goes on to look at three possible ways that an ordinary investor can deploy their capital "like a hedge fund without hefty expenses."