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Adam Minter

Why I'm Flying Malaysia Airlines

Air travel is safe. So is Malaysia Airlines.
Gimme a ticket.
Gimme a ticket.

How grim can it get for Malaysia Airlines? Earlier this week the carrier announced that it's offering no-questions-asked refunds or postponements on all tickets valid for travel in 2014 -- including previously non-refundable tickets. It's a generous offer, and one that the airline no doubt expected many passengers to accept in the numb aftermath of its serial air disasters -- Flights MH370 and MH17. Indeed, of the 680 total air fatalities so far in 2014 -- another large crash and this will be the worst year for fatalities since 2005, according to Bloomberg News -- an astonishing 537 resulted from the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flights. Who, at this point, wants to fly that airline?

I do.