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Ben Thompson

Amazon Sets Fire to Its Money-Losing Business Plan

While Amazon has gone to great lengths to make the Fire Phone compelling as a phone, it's still an inferior offering compared to a high-end Android phone or, especially, an iPhone. 
A new profile? 
A new profile? 

A week before yesterday's launch of the Fire Phone, Amazon sent all of the event's invitees a copy of the children's book "Mr. Pine's Purple House" with a note from chief executive officer Jeff Bezos that said:

At first glance, there is very little about the phone that feels different, at least in the ways that matter. The Firefly app, which can identify objects in the real world, is compelling, while Dynamic Perspective 3-D technology feels like a whole lot more trouble that it's worth -- for both Amazon and end-users. The camera looks impressive, and unlimited cloud storage is indeed a feature all smartphones should have. Still, much of this is at the margins. What we expected from Amazon was along the lines of Jeff Bezos's promise for the Kindle Fire line: "Premium products at non-premium prices."