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Barry Ritholtz

Ritholtz's 10 Friday Reads: High-Frequency Trading and Food Stamps

Happy Friday.

Happy Friday:

• Schwab: High-Frequency Trading is a Cancer (Charles Schwab) see also BATS Admits CEO Lied About HFT on CNBC (Zero Hedge)
• Earnings Needed (FT Alphaville)
• How the Supreme Court Could Stop the 401(k) Rip-Off (Yahoo)
• Idle Cash Piles Up: U.S. nonfinancial companies hold at least three times more cash than the Federal Reserve reports (Reuters)
• Cuban: The Idiots Guide to High Frequency Trading (Maverick)
• How HP invented the calculator: Managing Without Brackets (Economist)
• Soaring Housing Costs Driving Educated People From Big Cities (Real Time Economics)
• 'Silicon Valley,' Mike Judge's new series, debuts on HBO (NY Times) see also How The Makers of "Silicon Valley" Captured the Comic Reality of Silicon Valley (FastCo Create)
• The Secret Life of a Food Stamp (MarketPlace)
• After Three Decades, Letterman Says He Will Sign Off (NY Times) and see How David Letterman Reinvented TV (Rolling Stone)